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Fast Evaporating Solvent Degreaser
Fast Evaporating Solvent Degreaser

Fast Evaporating Solvent,Degreaser,14 oz -Zep®

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Your Price: $8.79
Retail Price:$14.68
You Save:$5.89(40%)
Fast Evaporating Aerosol Solvent Degreaser, 14 oz
Part Number: ZEP1040698BAF1220
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Zep®Fast Evaporating Solvent,
Feature: 1: 14 FL OZ Aerosol Can
Feature: Degreaser and Cleaner
Feature: Fast Evaporating Solvent
Feature 5 Leaves No Residue
Quantity Price
12 - 23 $7.91
24 - 35 $7.47
36+ $6.59
Industrial degreaser designed for use where fast evaporation and no residue are desirable, Non-corrosive to metals , Removes oil, grease, grime, lubricants and tar from electrical contacts, electric motors, machinery parts, electronic equipment and more .

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