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High Alkaline Cleaner & Degreaser
High Alkaline Cleaner & Degreaser

Heavy-Duty High Alkaline Cleaner,4 USG -Zep®

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Your Price: $66.98
Retail Price:$133.28
You Save:$66.30(50%)
Heavy-Duty High Alkaline Cleaner, 4 US Gallons
Part Number: ZEP1041481BAF4128
Availability: "Special Order Only"
Feature: High Alkaline Heavy-Duty Degreaser
Feature: 4 US Gallons
Feature: powerful alkaline cleaner and degreaser
Feature: Low Foam Solution
Quantity Price
2 - 3 $60.28
4+ $53.58
• Concentrated, multi-purpose, low-foam, powerfully alkaline cleaner and degreaser • Its caustic formulation acts fast, for highly effective cleaning and degreasing even in the most heavy-duty industrial applications

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