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Handy-Helper® Heavy-Duty Scouring
Handy-Helper® Heavy-Duty Scouring

Heavy-Duty Scouring Scrubbers, 2 Pack -Handy-Helper®

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Handy-Helper® Heavy-Duty Scouring Scrubbers,
Part Number: HHHA251
Availability: Out of Stock.
Feature: Handy-Helper® Heavy-Duty Scrubbers,
Feature: 24 Pieces 2 Pack 5.5"X 3-1/2"
Product Details This double pack of heavy duty scrubbers is a kitchen essential! Perfect for cutting through the toughest messes. Each pad is made with strong green nylon for durability. Item is packaged in a wrapped hanging card. Sponges are approximately 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" at its smallest point.

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