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  7. Krytox® Dry Film P.T.F.E. Mold Release,- 16 oz -Sprayon®
Sprayon® Krytox® Dry Film P.T.F.E
Sprayon® Krytox® Dry Film P.T.F.E

Krytox® Dry Film P.T.F.E. Mold Release,- 16 oz -Sprayon®

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Your Price: $22.29
Retail Price:$29.08
You Save:$6.79(23%)
Sprayon®Dry Film PTFE Mold Release,12/16 OZ
Part Number: SPS00311BAF1216
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Krytox® Dry Film P.T.F.E.Lubricants
Feature: Pieces: 12- 16 oz Aerosol Cans
Feature: Non-Chlorinated Solvents
Feature: Anti-Stick Properties
Feature 5 MADE IN USA
Quantity Price
12 - 23 $18.95
24 - 35 $16.94
36+ $15.60
Compatible with most moldable resins, elastomeric compounds, urethanes and styrenes • Contains fluoropolymer • Contains no CFCs, HCFCs, chlorinated solvents, silicone, or O.D.P • Exceptional anti-stick properties that will not transfer to finished parts • Made with DuPont Krytox dry film • Non-silicone mold release • Will not interfere with post-finishing operations • Won’t attack rubber, paints or metals

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