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CRC® Multi-Purpose Silicone Lubricant
CRC® Multi-Purpose Silicone Lubricant

Multi-Purpose Silicone Lubricant,NSF,16 oz -CRC®

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Your Price: $11.79
Retail Price:$17.54
You Save:$5.75(33%)
Multi-Purpose Silicone Lubricant, Aerosol Spray
Part Number: CRC02094BAF116
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: CRC® Multi-Purpose Silicone
Feature: 1: 16 FL OZ Aerosol Can
Feature: Convenient 360º spray valve
Feature: Multi-purpose formula
Feature 5 Made in USA
Quantity Price
12 - 23 $10.38
24 - 35 $9.43
36+ $8.84
• Convenient 360º spray valve - can be sprayed from any position • Low surface tension permits better coverage and deeper penetration • Multi-purpose formula lubricates, waterproofs, and protects with a thin, clear, non-staining film • Non-hardening lubricant minimizes corrosion • Superior lubricity for metal and non-metal surfaces • Wide effective temperature range

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