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 Pak-it®Ultra Dish Detergent,Lemon Scent,1/100 CT

Pak-it®Ultra Dish Detergent,Lemon Scent,1/100 CT

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Pak-it®Ultra Dish Detergent,100 Pods,
Part Number: BIG5505BAF100
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Pre-Measured Portions
Feature: Use one pack per five gallons of water
Feature: Industrial Dish Detergent
Feature 5 Made In Usa
Water soluble packaging providing the extract amount of dish detergent for the job.No measuring or exposure to concentrated chemicals, or risk of over pouring.Highly concentrated fast-acting detergent for pots, pans, dishes and glassware.Penetrates food and heavy grease deposits while maintaining long lasting suds. Phosphate-free and pH balanced to be mild on hands.Highly concentrated formula saves storage space and reduces shipping weight. Use one pac per five gallons of water.

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