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  6. 15-1/2" Windshield & Window Washer,6 CT -SMR®
 SMR®15-1/2" Window Washer
SMR®15-1/2" Window Washer

15-1/2" Windshield & Window Washer,6 CT -SMR®

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SMR®15-1/2" Windshield &Window Washer,6 CT
Part Number: SMRGM281
Availability: Out of Stock.
Feature: SMR®15-1/2" Windshield Washer,
Feature: 6 Pieces 15-1/2" Window Washer
Product Details This handy tool will make washing car windshields or windows a breeze. Simply fill the reservoir with cleaner or tap water and clean your windshield or windows with ease. The microfiber bonnet ensures a streak-free shine. Use this tool on the car, hard-to-reach windows and anywhere else a good window or glass shine is necessary. Overall measurement is 15 1/2" long.

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