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Gearwrench®Ratcheting Nut Drivers
Gearwrench®Ratcheting Nut Drivers

16 Piece Ratcheting Metric-Sae Nut Driver Set-Gearwrench®

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Your Price: $127.95
Retail Price:$158.95
You Save:$31.00(20%)
Ratcheting Metric & Sae Quick Change Nut Driver Set
Part Number: GW8916DBAF16
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: 16 Piece Nut Driver Set
Feature: Quick-Change Shaft
Feature: Ratcheting Gears
Quantity Price
3 - 5 $120.27
6 - 11 $112.60
12+ $102.36
•Color-coded stripe for easy identification, and clearly etched sizes that allow you to select the right tool the first time.•Full polished chrome finish is corrosion resistant for long-lasting durability.•Precision, fine-tooth, reversible ratcheting mechanism in the handle allows for ease of use and faster job completion.•Contoured, dual-material comfort grip offers a more comfortable hold.•Oil- and solvent- resistant design keeps your hands in place.•Use with the GEARWRENCH GearDriver System.

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