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Tri-Lobe Nut Drivers
Tri-Lobe Nut Drivers

5 Piece Tri-Lobe Acetate Nut driver Set -Crescent®

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Retail Price:$68.95
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Tri-Lobe Acetate Nut Driver Set -5 Pieces SAE
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: 5 Piece Nut Driver Set
Feature: Tri-Lobe Nut Drivers
Feature: Solid Shaft
Quantity Price
3 - 5 $46.01
6 - 11 $43.08
12+ $39.16
?•Chrome plated shafts for increased corrosion resistance.•Tips are designed to ensure tighter tolerance and fit.•Ergonomic, Tri-Lobe extruded translucent acetate handles provide increased comfort and maximized torque for driving and loosening fasteners.•Chemical-resistant acetate stands up in all conditions, while providing an easy to clean solution.•Handles with different colors to differentiate size of driver.•Clear markings on handle to denote size and type of driver helps user quickly identify the needed tool.•Meets or Exceeds ASME B107.110-20123

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