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Starrett®6"King Cut,Fire,Rescue
Starrett®6"King Cut,Fire,Rescue

6"King Cut,Fire,Rescue Saw Blades,(USA) 5CT -Starrett®

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Retail Price:$28.99
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Starrett®6"King Cut,Fire,Rescue Saw Blades,11454,
Part Number: STAR.US
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Starrett®6"King Cut,Fire,Rescue
Feature: 5 Piece Pack
Feature: Demolition Saw Blade
Feature: Bi-Metal Steel
Feature 5 Made in USA

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• All reciprocating blades are of bi metal material which means they cut stronger, faster and longer • Tuff Tooth™ bi metal reciprocating blades are shatter resistant, their teeth retain their sharpness, and they cut fast •

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