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Klein®9"Side Cutter Lineman's Pliers
Klein®9"Side Cutter Lineman's Pliers

9"Side Cutter Lineman's Pliers, -Klein®

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9"Side Cutter Lineman's Pliers,
Part Number: KLND201-9NE
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Klein®9"Side Cutter Lineman's Pliers
Feature: Drop forged, hardened
Feature: tempered construction
Feature: Made In Usa
Cutting knives meet at the hinge first and meet at least 1/2 of the knife length • Drop forged, hardened, and tempered construction • Pliers halves are matched side-to-side, jaw-to-jaw, and hot riveted • Precision machined, mating surfaces and design dimensions, to extremely close tolerances • Slides easily in and out of tool pouch • Streamlined design

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