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Digital Alkaline Batteries
Digital Alkaline Batteries

AA Digital Alkaline Batteries -4 Pack-16 Case -Cell-Max

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AA Alkaline Batteries 4 Pack -16 Piece Carton
Part Number: CMLR6BP4DGBAF1604
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Alkaline AA Batteries 4Pack
Feature: 16-Pieces Per Carton -4 Packs
Quantity Price
2 - 3 $37.50
4 - 5 $35.10
6+ $31.91

AA Digital Alkaline batteries from CellMax last up to 6 times longer than an ordinary Zinc battery and offer the maximum capacity from a single use battery.

  • Readily start up high-drain devices with dynamic, instantaneous power
  • Deliver a stable current for many hours
  • Long-lasting power and shelf life
  • Ideal for digital cameras, handheld games, wireless computer devices, and game controllers

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