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Ajax®ProPax Powder Laundry Pods,4/20CT
Ajax®ProPax Powder Laundry

Ajax®ProPax Powder Laundry Pods,4/20CT

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Your Price: $28.97
Retail Price:$48.99
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Ajax®ProPax Powder Laundry Pods 80 Pods,
Part Number: PBC49704BAF420
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Ajax®ProPax Pod Pack
Feature: 80 Pods Container
Feature: Made in USA
Quantity Price
2 - 3 $27.23
4 - 5 $25.49
6+ $23.18
Stronger than liquid detergents - 4X concentrated. No messy measuring of liquid detergents. Use in agitating upright washing machines and front-loading high-efficiency washing machines. Dissolves completely in hot, cold and hard water. 20 single load packets in a easy-to-close gusseted plastic bag. Packets are coated with a dissolving film that keeps detergents off the fingers.

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