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Crown®Anti-Vandal Spray
Crown®Anti-Vandal Spray

Anti-Vandal Aerosol Spray Cleaner,16 oz -Crown®

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Your Price: $8.95
Retail Price:$13.95
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Anti-Vandal Aerosol Spray Cleaner, Graffiti Cleaner
Part Number: CRN5062BAF116
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Crown®Anti-Vandal Spray
Feature: 1: 16 FL OZ Aerosol Can
Feature: Removes,Paint,Inks,Crayon,
Feature: Pencil Marks,Lip Stick,
Feature 5 Made in USA
Quantity Price
6 - 11 $8.41
12 - 23 $7.88
24+ $7.16
Blended Solvent Clear Spray removes spray paints, inks, crayon and pencil marks, and lipstick from a variety of hard surfaces • Eliminates need to grind off marks from concrete and brick surfaces • Safe for use on most hard, un-painted surfaces such as - concrete, brick, wood, fiberglass, ceramic tiles, Formica® and some plastics • Superior Graffiti Remover, removes stubborn markings from road signs, washrooms, buildings, sidewalks, underpasses • Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylene free, providing improved worker safety

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