Bar Keepers Friend®Rust Lime Cleanser Polish,21oz
Bar Keepers Friend®

Bar Keepers Friend®Rust Lime Cleanser Polish,21oz

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Rust & Lime Cleanser Polish,
Part Number: BKF11514BAF1221
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Feature: Bar Keepers Friend®
Feature: 1- 21oz Container
Feature: Lime & Rust Cleaning
Feature: Made in USA
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Superior removal of rust, lime, hard water and mineral deposits. Mildly acidic, bleach-free. Removes tarnish, oxidation, grime and scuffs. Cleans, shines and restores stainless steel, copper, brass, ceramic, porcelain, chrome, fiberglass and other hard non-stone surfaces. Great for a variety of industrial applications, plus cookware, cutlery and deep-cleaning drained floors and grout.

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