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Cerama Bryte®Appliance Cleaner,Spray,16oz
Cerama Bryte®Appliance Cleaner,

Cerama Bryte®Appliance Cleaner,Spray,16oz

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Retail Price:$7.43
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Appliance Cleaner,Spray,
Part Number: GVI312166BAF16
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Made in USA
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3 - 5 $4.31
6 - 11 $4.04
12+ $3.67
This 16 oz. Cerama Bryte Appliance Cleaner quickly and easily cleans grease, grime and food spills inside the microwave and refrigerator, and on all kitchen appliances and counter surfaces. It's even great on dried starches and greases. This product is not recommended for use on stainless steel appliances.

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