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Cgw®Threaded AO Flap Disc,1/4
Cgw®Threaded AO Flap Wheel

Cgw®Threaded AO Flap Disc,1/4"-20 SHK-USA [3"]

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Cgw®Threaded AO Flap Disc,1/4"-20 SHK-USA [3"]
Part Number: CGW
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Feature: Made in USA

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Flap Wheels: 1/4 Shank & 1/4 -20 Shank 1/4 and 1/4 -20 shank mounted flap wheels featuring quality aluminum oxide coated abrasive material. The flaps, arranged like a fan around the shaft of the tool, provide for consistent cutting action, maximum performance and long life Applications: all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, wood and glass. Excellent for working in small, difficult to reach places 10 piece carton.

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