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Crown®Toolmates Anti-Seize Aerosol,Compound,16oz
Crown®Toolmates Anti-Seize

Crown®Toolmates Anti-Seize Aerosol,Compound,16oz

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Retail Price:$22.95
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Toolmates Anti-Seize Aerosol,Compound,
Part Number: CRN9105BAF1216
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Crown®Toolmates Anti-Seize
Feature: 1 Can 16FL OZ Aerosol
Feature: Will not Melt or Run out
Feature: Cannot be burned off
Feature 5 Made in USA
Quantity Price
6 - 11 $10.67
12 - 23 $10.11
24+ $9.43
• Cannot be burned off and will not melt or run out after application • Does not contain clay or soap base thickeners • Protects against corrosion, seizing, rust, galling, galvanic pitting, and carbon fusing • Protects parts under extreme heat, cold, pressure, steam, and salt water exposure • Will not harden, separate, or evaporate

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