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G43 Grab Hooks USA
G43 Grab Hooks USA

Forged Clevis Grab Hook G43, 1/4" -CM®

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Forged Clevis Grab Hook G43 USA
Part Number: CMM804L
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Made in USA
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5 - 9 $7.52
10 - 14 $7.10
15+ $6.68
• Forged in the US from high quality carbon steel • Clevis hooks have heat treated pins • Hooks are heat treated and tempered • Finishes include self-colored, painted red, or bright zinc (ASME B633-85 Class Fe/Zn 5, Type III) • Hooks embossed with chain grade, fractional size, and country of origin (USA) • Hooks embossed with trace code providing traceability throughout manufacturing and testing process to heat of steel • Design ultimate strength equals 3 times working load limit, matching NACM specifications • Not to be used for overhead lifting

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