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Sprayon®Open Gear,Wire Rope
Sprayon®Open Gear,Wire Rope

LU201 Open Gear,Wire Rope Lubricant,16 oz -Sprayon®

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Your Price: $9.49
Retail Price:$16.07
You Save:$6.58(41%)
Open Gear,Wire Rope Lubricant, Up To 450.0 °F
Part Number: SPS00201BAF1216
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Sprayon®Open Gear,Lubricant,
Feature: 1- 16 FL OZ Aerosol
Feature: Great for Roller Chains Gears
Feature: Will not Become Brittle
Feature 5 Made In USA
Quantity Price
3 - 5 $9.21
6 - 11 $8.92
12+ $8.35
• Contains no chlorinated solvents or O.D.P • Does not become brittle or break down while working • Does not rub off • Equipped with extension tube • Penetrates to core of wire rope, minimizing internal friction • Withstands high pressures • “Travels” on metal surfaces, displacing water to provide excellent rust protection

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