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LifeGear®150-Lumen Stormproof
LifeGear®150-Lumen Stormproof

LifeGear®150-Lumen Stormproof Path Light,

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LifeGear®150-Lumen Stormproof Path Light,
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When lighting a path is critical, be sure to light forward, downward and back to lead others to safety. With the Life+Gear 150-Lumen Stormproof Path Light—with integrated LEDs that face forward, downward and backward—you can light up the total path to safety. Made of waterproof and impact-resistant materials, this light will give you peace of mind during a storm or emergency. With extended run times on the low setting, you can be assured that you’ll have light when you need it when the power is knocked out. An integrated rubber grip will help you keep hold in wet weather. With multiple modes for seeing, being seen and signaling for help, the 150-Lumen Stormproof Path Light is for every home and outdoor adventure.

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