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Metabo®6"Angle Grinder,13.5A

Metabo®6"Angle Grinder,13.5A,9,600 RPM

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Metabo®6"Angle Grinder,13.5A,9,600 RPM WEP15-150Q
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Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Metabo®6"Angle Grinder,
Feature: 13.5A,9,600 RPM
Feature: Electronic Speed Stabilization
Feature: Made In Germany
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2 - 3 $271.54
4+ $263.14
• Electronic overload protection which helps protect the tool from overheating in demanding applications providing long service life • Electronic soft start for smooth startup, increased user control, and extended motor life • Electronic Speed Stabilization maintains the speed of the tool for maximum productivity even under heavy operating conditions • Gear housing can be rotated at 90° steps for increased comfort and ergonomics during left-handed operation or for cutting applications • Metabo anti-vibration side handle provides vibration dampening for convenient continuous operation • Metabo LongLife motor with up to 50% more torque for quicker material removal, up to 20% higher overload capacity and 30% more protection against dust and debris for longer service life • Metabo Quick System: the fastest tool-free disc change system at the touch of a button • Metabo S-Automatic safety slip clutch helps the user to maintain control if the accessory jams reducing the likelihood of kickback • Power interruption protection which prevents unintentional starting of the machine when there is temporary loss of power • Tool-free adjustable guard with 7 locking positions

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