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Multicide Disinfectant,Cleaner,1/USG -Theochem®
Theochem®Multicide Disinfectant

Multicide Disinfectant,Cleaner,1/USG -Theochem®

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Your Price: $24.95
Retail Price:$34.63
You Save:$9.68(28%)
Multicide Disinfectant,Cleaner, 1 US Gallon
Part Number: THE3814CS.01
Availability: "Limited Supply"
Feature: May Delay In Shipping
Feature: Depend on Location
Feature: and Stock
Quantity Price
4 - 7 $21.96
8+ $19.96
10% quaternary disinfectant and no-rinse sanitizer. Excellent for disinfecting floor, walls, counter tops, bathing areas, lavatories and other non-porous surfaces. As a sanitizer, can be used for all food processing equipment, dairy equipment, food utensils, tableware, countertops and other hard non-porous surfaces. Country of origin: United States

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