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Jet-Lube®Nikal Pure-Nickel
Jet-Lube®Nikal Pure-Nickel

Nikal Pure-Nickel Anti-Seize,Brush Top,-Jet-Lube®

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Pure-Nickel Anti-Seize,Brush Top,
Part Number: JL
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant Compound
Feature: Consists of pure nickel flake
Feature: Made in USA

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• Consists of pure nickel flake and a nearly inert dispersing solid in a high-quality complex base grease • Does not contain copper, lead, graphite, molybdenum MOSL, chlorides or other halogens, phosphorus, or silicones • Effective for use in harsh industrial environments that employ items such as reactor bolts, heat exchangers, manifolds, furnace hinges, manway studs, etc • High static friction factor of 0.15, with a unique blend of thickeners. • Provides superb protection against rust from water penetration and washoff • Specially formulated to prevent excessive over-torque issues.

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