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Houdini®Professional Rescue Tool
Houdini®Professional Rescue Tool

Professional Rescue Tool -Houdini®

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Professional Rescue Tool
Part Number: AA18200
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Houdini®Professional Rescue Tool,
Feature: Window Break-Out Tool
Feature: Quickly Cuts Seatbelts
Feature: Safety Whistle,Led Flashlight
Feature 5 10 Hour Run Time Light
Houdini Pro is the preferred automotive rescue tool by many firefighters and police around the world. Each unit includes .. WINDOW BREAKER - Spring loaded tempered glass punch lets you safely exit your vehicle SEATBELT CUTTER - Quickly cuts through you seatbelt, even when your upside down SAFETY WHISTLE - Signals for help up to 1/4 mile way LED FLASHLIGHT - 5 lumen lamp lights the way with 10 hours of run time.

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