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Jet-Lube®SS-30 Pure-Copper
Jet-Lube®SS-30 Pure-Copper

SS-30 Pure-Copper Anti-Seize,Brush Top, -Jet-Lube®

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SS-30 Pure-Copper Anti-Seize,Brush Top,
Part Number: JL
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Pure Copper Anti-Seize Compounds
Feature: Lead Free Protect against Corrosion
Feature: Made in USA

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• Brushes evenly over thread roots or uneven surfaces • Can be applied directly to hot surfaces without running off, dripping or thinning out • Lead-free• Protects against seizure, heat freeze, galling rust and corrosion• Specially formulated for use on stainless steel fittings• Will adhere to wet or oily surfaces

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