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Safety Goggles,Grey-Clear Len, -Crews Verdict®
Crews Verdict®Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles,Grey-Clear Len, -Crews Verdict®

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Your Price: $5.69
Retail Price:$16.69
You Save:$11.00(66%)
Safety Goggles,Grey/Clear Len, CR 2400
Part Number: CRW2400BAF.01
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Crews Verdict®Safety Goggles,
Feature: Grey Frame Clear Len
Feature: Duramass® scratch-resistant coating
Feature: Impact-resistant
Feature 5 Smoke-tinted PVC frame
Quantity Price
24 - 35 $5.41
36 - 47 $5.12
48 - 59 $4.84
60+ $4.55
Provides wide, unobstructed field of vision.
Can be worn with most half-mask respirators
Features Duramass® scratch-resistant coating
Smoke-tinted PVC frame

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