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Misty® Supersolve Electrical Cleaner
Misty® Supersolve Electrical Cleaner

SuperSolve Electrical Cleaner,Aerosol, 12/20 oz -Misty®

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Retail Price:$198.54
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Misty® Supersolve Electrical Cleaner,Aerosol, A366-20
Part Number: MISA366-20
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Misty Supersolve Electric Cleaner
Feature: 12-CANS 20 FL OZ AEROSOL
Feature: Fast Drying Action
Feature: No ozone depletion potential
Feature 5 Non Conductive To 29,000 Volts
Quantity Price
2 - 3 $106.02
4+ $95.87
• Dual-action valving system allows for both a misting spray and a blasting spray for hard to reach areas • Fast drying • Fast drying, nonflammable, nonconductive and completely non-ozone depleting • Low odor • Non-conductive up to 29,000 volts

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