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Tirade®Uvex Safety Eyewear
Tirade®Uvex Safety Eyewear

Tirade®Uvex Safety Eyewear,Anti-Fog Spectacles,

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Tirade®Uvex Safety Eyewear,Anti-Fog Spectacles,S4044
Part Number: UVEX
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Feature: Made In USA

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• 100% Non-conductive dielectric design-can be worn in environments where accidental exposure to electrical charge is possible • Frameless, unilens design allows for wide-field peripheral vision • Indirect ventilation channels on the foam and subframe provide superior dust filtration keeping debris out of the eyes • Quick-release hinge system converts easily from temples to headband • Removable temples and standard adjustable headband included (Hypoallergenic latex-free option available) • Uvextra® anti-fog coated lens reduces fogging, keeping lenses clear

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