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Boardwalk®Trigger Spray Nozzle
Boardwalk®Trigger Spray Nozzle

Trigger Spray Nozzle,Chemical Resistant, 24 CT -Boardwalk®

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Chemical-Resistant Trigger Spray Bottle Tops
Part Number: BWK72109BAF3224
Availability: Out of Stock.
Feature: Boardwalk®Trigger Spray Nozzle
Feature: 24- 32oz Sprayer Tops
Feature: Chemical Resistant Nozzle
Feature: COLOR: GRAY
Feature 5 MADE IN USA
Synthetic O-ring and piston cup hold up against the harshest chemicals, even D-limonene. Up to 40% greater output per stroke significantly reduces the number of times you pull the trigger. High output with an extra large spray pattern. Outer body protects piston assembly from damage during use and storage. Great for tough tasks like car washing, auto detailing, carpet spot cleaning and more.

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