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Wax Stick Tap Lubrication .43 oz -Tap-Ease®
Tap-Ease®Wax Stick

Wax Stick Tap Lubrication .43 oz -Tap-Ease®

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Your Price: $3.79
Retail Price:$7.08
You Save:$3.29(46%)
Wax Stick Tap Lubrication
Part Number: AGSTA2BAF.01
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Tap-Ease®Wax Stick Lubrication
Feature: 1- 15oz Tube
Feature: Hazard Code HAZ57
Feature: Made in Usa
Quantity Price
6 - 11 $3.56
12+ $3.34
Tap-Ease®Use like a crayon on taps and dies for smoother, faster cut while extending tool life Replaces liquid tapping fluids with undesirable chlorinated solvents and other VOC s. Works on aluminum, brass, magnesium, ferrous and non-ferrous materials Won't stain the work piece.

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