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Zep®Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner,1/USG
Zep®Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

Zep®Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner,1/USG

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Your Price: $16.99
Retail Price:$36.77
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Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, Pleasant Scent,
Part Number: ZEP1041696BAF101
Availability: In Stock.
Feature: Zep®Professional Floor Scrubber
Feature: 1-US Gallons
Feature: Apply with floor scrubber
Feature: mop or pressure washer
Feature 5 concentrated formula
Quantity Price
4 - 7 $15.97
8 - 15 $14.95
16+ $12.74
• Apply with floor scrubber, mop or pressure washer • Brightens surfaces as it cleans • Heavy duty, concentrated formula for auto scrubber and other industrial cleaning applications , Cleans and restores shine to hard surface floors. Tough on dirt, grime and grease without leaving residue. Deodorizes leaving a fresh fragrance. Works great on linoleum, tile, marble, vinyl, granite, stone and laminate floors. Works in all spray mop systems. Not for use on floors that require waxing or oil-finished wood floors. Country of origin: United States

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